5 Simple Summer Decorating Ideas

Monday, July 08, 2019 Decorations, Home Decor, Miscellaneous, True Blue Real Estate By: Anne Larson

Outdoor Decorating

5 Simple Summer Decorating Ideas

If you’re like us, here at True Blue Real Estate, you’re likely getting really excited about this warmer weather and all that means for Summer activities, and even Summer home decorating! Maybe you just bought a new house, or your home has been lived in for some time and needs a refresh, quite possibly you may not even own a home but are looking for some future inspiration! Here are our 5 Simple Summer Decorating Ideas:


Add Some Color

We had a long Winter. Sometimes that Winter felt dreary and what better way to spring into the Summer, but with some pops of color throughout your home. Maybe that’s a new table centerpiece or a new piece of artwork. Summer also brings many fun art fairs and craft events, which a great place to pick up a new colorful sculpture, photograph or painting. A great art fair to keep high on your list to attend should be the Spring Green Art Fair. Awesome community, with 50 years of a successful art fair.  Keep your dark pieces out, too, the contrast will be the perfect look.

Floral Print

Sue Johnson Fine Art | Spring Green Art Fair 2019


Make a Bar Space

No need for wasted space in your home! Use that space to whip up your favorite Summer cocktail. We love this bar cart from Joss & Main. The wheels make it versatile, to move from room to room, and the look is sleek, simple and always in style.

True Blue Real Estate's Coffee Bar

True Blue Real Estate Office | Blue Mounds, WI


Bring Furniture Outdoors

When the weather is nice, why wouldn’t you spend as much time as possible outdoors? That includes meals, reading, or just lounging when you have that precious downtime. Buy your outdoor furniture in the Winter (hello, sales), or occasionally peruse the common resale sites (i.e Craigslist, Marketplace on Facebook, etc.). Adirondack chairs, anyone?!

Outdoor Chairs

Relaxation With Lake Views


Try the Bohemian Look

Ok, we’re already a fan of the bohemian look, but this year we’re really feeling it. Whether it’s little pops of greenery inside (and out), or that wicker and rattan furniture we’ve been eying up… we love it!


Taplescape With Bohemian Touches


More Pillows

Pillows can be a cost-effective way to switch up the look, style or feel of a room. Try your bohemian look with the pillows, or experiment with your pop of color and grab an orange one. If, at the end of Summer, you’re not feeling the pillows, switch them out again! If you’re looking for that pillow inspiration, check out Target, I would bet you will not be disappointed!

Throw Pillows

Mixed Patterns of Pillows


Make the most of your Summer (and your home) with these simple decorating ideas. Whatever you want to try out, send us a picture! We’d love to see the results. We’ll be trying some of these at our office and homes, too!