Benefits of Prescribed Burns in Wisconsin

Monday, April 10, 2023 Land Management By: Anne Larson

Benefits of Prescribed Burns in Wisconsin

Benefits of Prescribed Burns in Wisconsin

Last weekend, we wrapped up our 2023 spring prescribed prairie burn outside of Spring Green, Wisconsin. A prescribed burn is an important management tool for maintaining the health and diversity of prairie ecosystems.  Below are several benefits we choose to conduct a spring prescribed prairie burn in Wisconsin’s Driftless area.

Stimulates Growth

Spring burning helps to remove dead plant material, which makes it easier for sunlight to reach the soil surface. This warms the soil and stimulates the growth of native grasses and wildflowers.

Reduces Invasive Species

Many invasive plants and trees are less tolerant of fire than native species. By burning in the spring, the invasive plants that have germinated or started to grow are targeted, while native plants, which are generally more resilient to fire, can recover more quickly.

Enhances Habitat Diversity

Fire creates a mosaic of habitats with varying successional stages, which promotes biodiversity by providing a range of niches for different species of plants and animals.

Nutrient Cycling

Burning releases nutrients that were locked up in dead plant material and makes them available to new plants, promoting a more productive ecosystem.

Pest Control

Fire can help control certain pests and diseases by killing off overwintering insects, larvae, and pathogens.

Maintenance of Fire-Adapted Species

Some plant species, such as certain grasses and wildflowers, have evolved to depend on periodic fires to thrive. Spring burns help maintain these fire-adapted species in the ecosystem.
blaze orange fire flames burn brown dead prairie grasses and native plants blue skies and white whispy clouds

Are you seeking information on how to conduct a prescribed burn on your property?

Quercus Land Stewardship Services is a local company equipped to help you with your prescribed burn or any questions about safely preparing to do your burn.  Controlled burns can pose risks to human safety and property if not managed properly.  Proper timing, weather conditions, and safety precautions are all essential considerations when conducting a prescribed burn.  Quercus is a wealth of knowledge and an excellent resource for land management needs.