Fill Our Cups, 2021 is Looking Up

Friday, January 08, 2021 New Year, True Blue Real Estate By: Kelli Baron

Fill Our Cups, 2021 is Looking Up

It probably goes without saying, but 2020 has been quite a unique year. Not only for individuals but also for many businesses, too. As we look back on the past year and plan for the following year, we realized how the unusual state of 2020 gave us ample opportunity to show our appreciation and support people, businesses, organizations, and our clients the best way we knew how. And, we’re not ready to leave that part of 2020 behind, we’re ready to take it with us for many years to come.

True Blue Real Estate has been up and thriving for a little over two years, and we couldn’t be more thankful for all of our clients, friends, and family who have made this possible. Not only did all of you make it possible, but you helped us grow, and grow in a time that was extremely stressful, unknown, and tense for many people and businesses. With that growth, came a wonderful opportunity for us. Many of the donations, social media posts, and appreciation were a direct reflection of the happiness and success we felt in the last two years from our clients.

Some of the meaningful memories we’ve made and the ways we’ve found to give back in the last few months are: 

  • $500 donated to teachers through Donors Choose and see them able to buy and provide so many tools for children to learn with.
  • Over $1000 to not for profits in the surrounding communities.
  • Bought gifts for 15 local children on the Giving Tree.
  • Purchased meals through Hi-Point for 12 local families.
  • Hosted Butternut Road Coffee Truck by our office, to give complimentary coffee for our clients.
  • Purchased $700 worth of gift boxes from various local businesses/residents to give out to people in our communities.

We’re also so incredibly proud of our Realtors, Sara Northouse and Cari Cimperman. As individuals, they are so different, but as Realtors and workers, they both have so much drive, kindness, and creativity in their careers.  We’re so happy to be promoting a work environment where we work together and everyone is able to help each other in one way or another. We can’t wait to see what 2021, and the years to follow, bring for Sara and Cari!  

The real estate industry was certainly unusual in 2020. Not just the wearing a mask to all showings, and appointments, but also the expectation that once the pandemic hit us, the market would see a downward shift. Well, we didn’t, and it continued to be a “seller’s market”, with home prices continuing to soar and inventory remaining low. We did see an upward trend in more competition between Realtors (hello, fewer homes to sell) and the increase in people selling their homes on their own. That can create some stress in our careers, and on our income, which in an industry that relies 100% on commission, it can be scary. Fortunately, we worked our butts off, stayed true to the way we do business; and, continue to have an outstanding and loyal group of clients who showed their support with referrals, repeat business, and ever so flattering reviews.  Don’t get us wrong, you definitely could find days where we were sweating and/or crying behind the scenes, but that happens, and it will happen again. That’s the time when we lean on each other for support, you know, #girlpower.

The year 2020 wasn’t spent counting our transactions, but instead, we counted our blessings, and that was the biggest gift and reflection this past year could have brought us. We will continue to work our butts off for our clients, shed light on local businesses, spend precious time with our loved ones and family, bring cheer or support to people around us, and HAVE FUN. What we ask for in return, is that if you’ve worked with us or know someone who has, write a review, tell your friends and family about us, and interact with us on social media. We can’t tell you enough how thankful we are to have such a great group of past, current, and future clients that have stayed true to True Blue Real Estate and joined/supported us on this fun adventure the last couple of years (and years prior). All that being said, THANK YOU, thank you for reading, thank you for being here, and…

Cheers, to 2021!

True Blue Realtors


Anne & Kelli