How to Find a Real Estate Agent

Tuesday, March 26, 2019 How To, Miscellaneous By: Anne Larson

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How to Find a Real Estate Agent

How to find a Real Estate Agent, or how do we find you? There is a large and varying misconception about Realtors. Not necessarily bad misconceptions, but we get A LOT of questions from friends, clients and new acquaintances. Many of those questions are surrounding where our business comes from? Great questions, so allow me to shed a little insight into the magical world of being a Realtor.

How We Get Business


Let’s start with the big kahuna, this one is so important and meaningful to us. Not just because it’s new business, but because it really is the biggest form of a compliment you can give to someone who works hard to earn your business and your referrals. The easiest way for you to find a Real Estate Agent, is by a trusted referral. As we grow our business, and have been in Real Estate industry for quite some time now, we see more and more referrals and that is an absolutely wonderful part about our careers.


This isn’t your ordinary spam mail, we send helpful tips and knowledgeable information regarding the current market we’re in. We focus on the specific location we’re mailing to, and send what would be relevant to them. Maybe, you didn’t know you were looking for a Real Estate Agent yet, but what we send you could peak your interest. Obviously not as warm of a contact as a referral, but we do appreciate any and all people who walk through our door, or we walk through theirs; to meet with and chat about their needs and how we can help.


Online, offline, you name it, we want to market it. We’ve created a great brand and company and we want to show you, the people, what it is we can do and what we’re about. Maybe you want to go online and search Real Estate Agent’s in your area, take a little gander at True Blue Real Estate.  We have a beautiful, informative website, True Blue Real Estate, which drives a lot of traffic. We have our social media:  Facebook, Instagram, and Linkedin, too! We’re out there, and easy to find, so stop by for some tips, chat, or just to take a look.

Return Business.

Another easy way to find your Real Estate Agent, is to look who helped you purchase or sold your home before. If you’re someone who has bought or sold real estate already, and used a fabulous Real Estate Agent at that time, stop back by and use them again! We love to stay connected to our past clients, to able to make them current clients and catch up on their lives, is that much better!


True Blue Real Estate Office in Blue Mounds, Wisconsin

True Blue Real Estate | Blue Mounds, Wisconsin

We love being a small, locally run and managed Real Estate Office in Blue Mounds, Wisconsin. We also appreciate each and every one of our clients, acquaintances, and friends who have been and remained such a wonderful support system to True Blue Real Estate.



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