Building Selection Process: Ways to Simplify

Thursday, December 31, 2020 Building a Home, New Construction, True Blue Real Estate By: Anne Larson

Spec house

Does the idea of new construction overwhelm/intimidate you?

The number of selections to be made and the options to choose from can feel like a lot. At True Blue Real Estate, we’ve worked with clients in their selection process and also gone through it ourselves when working with builders to build a spec home.

Here’s a simple way to break down your options and good questions to ask throughout the process when looking at the bigger picture of your home completion. Obviously, there can be more than the two options, but like I said this is a simple way to break down your choices when looking at each selection. We also weigh in on our opinion on each selection area. It’s ok to feel like you want to dabble with trends, or you’re 100% certain you love something that may not be a “trend”. What’s important is being able to tie it all together, and keep the general flow to your home. We’re definitely not the interior design experts, but our experience has led us to come up with some conclusions on our own, and be able to create some pretty beautiful homes (while staying within budget… usually ;)).


Garage door 

Options: Color (think white or black) or Wood Stain

What to consider: Exterior doors to match garage door or complement siding/shakes

Garage Doors

Realtor opinion: 

The white doors with complementing windows and trim are popular, but also easy to tie in other colors for front door and siding. We’re seeing a lot more black window trim, too, which we love! In that case, you can still go with the white garage door, and use the garage and housing exterior white trim to tie in it all.



Options: Dark or Light

What to consider: Trim around matching or contrast (think white)? 

Add shakes with the same color or complementing color?

Adding stone to break up the color? 

Cedar Shakes

Realtor opinion:

This beautiful cedar color garage door to match the cedar shakes, with white trim to accent the dark colors of the door and siding. Cedar is a natural wood color, that goes well with cool and warm colors, and we love the pizazz it brings to the front of a home. 



Options: White or Wood Stain

What to consider: All 1 color or island different color than exterior cabinets?

What color trim will be and interior doors?

What are you doing for flooring in the kitchen (wood material or tile)?

White and Gray Cabinets

Realtor opinion:

A popular choice, a gray or dark blue color island, with white around the exterior. This way they match well with most choices of stain color for flooring, trim, and doors. It is also a safe bet for resale purposes, and you can generally use whatever color metal you’d like for plumbing, lighting, cabinet hardware, and appliances.


Plumbing Fixtures

Options: Stainless Steel/Brushed Nickel or Dark (bronze or black)

What to consider: What color will your cabinet hardware be? 

Mixing metals or all the same? 

Appliances – stainless steel or black?

Kitchen hardware

Realtor opinion:

Mixed metals with brass color pulls stainless faucet and stainless steel appliance. This can be specific to someone’s taste, but an easy change to make if trying to sell and goes out of style. If you’re wanting to be bold and mix metals, try it with the cheaper of the options (like cabinet pulls), and maybe one or two main lighting pieces. That way if you change your mind later on, or want to sell sooner than expected, you’re not out a ton of money by switching them out.



Options: Solid surface or laminate

What to consider: Keep the same through bathrooms? 

Use any butcher block in the kitchen for aesthetics or to keep costs down?

Granite countertops

Realtor opinion:

If we got our pick, it would be quartz countertops all day. But, they do come at a hefty price tag (in comparison), and depending on style may not be everyone’s cup of tea. Next up in popularity and beauty, would be a nice neutral granite. This can be hard to find, with so many colors typically in granite, but one that ties in cream and grays is a safe choice. Granite would be a middle of the road, as far as budget, but a very durable product for your kitchen, and bathrooms. Don’t be shy about pricing out that same granite for bathrooms, too. Having that cohesiveness is very important for re-sale purposes. 



Options: Metal color (gold or silver) or dark (bronze or black)

What to consider: If choosing wood stain for fans, consider if you want to contrast or complement your wood color flooring. 

Ceiling fan

Kitchen lighting

Realtor opinion:

This dark color fan is a beautiful contrast to the light flooring. It’s also dark enough to be able to go with the cool or warm flooring you may select, so will leave you more choices when it comes to picking out which flooring you like. 

In rooms where you can see multiple lighting pieces, be sure to select fixtures that are in the same “family” or go well together, style-wise. If you want to mix styles (or don’t realize you’re drawn to different styles), choose the bathrooms as spaces to “try something new” as far as lighting. It’s also not a bad idea to splurge a little on your main lighting pieces (i.e dining, kitchen, entryway) and find more cost-effective options throughout the rest of the home. 



Rooms with carpet: 

Grays or tan/creams

Rooms with wood type flooring or tile: 

Warm color (think gray hues) or Cool color (think red hue)

What to consider: Are you able to match or complement the trim, doors, and/or cabinets that are also a wood stain?

Rooms that have different flooring, yet touch, should still match (i.e carpet or tile butting up to wood stain flooring should have either warm color flow or cool color flow).


Realtor opinion:

Flooring can be one of the trickiest in the selection process. And, for good reason, as it’s everywhere in your house. There are definitely ways to keep your selections “safe” and areas where you can branch out. As far as the flooring products, the humans at the flooring stores are great resources for that. Aesthetically, either a light color wood or a dark with color variation are easiest to find complementing tile and/or carpet. If you chose a wood stain for cabinets, or for your trim, that wood color touching another wood color can be hard to match. It’s best, in that case, to go for the contrast, and choose one that has that color variation. 


All in all, don’t let the fear of options overwhelm you from beginning to build your dream home. Here at True Blue Real Estate, we’re happy to guide you through this process, just reach out and we’ll let you know where to begin.

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