Plumbing Issues – The Joy of Owning an Older Home

Wednesday, July 08, 2020 Miscellaneous By: Anne Larson

Plumbing Issues – The Joy of Owning an Older Home

Well, Shit.

You are in your home for three months and “AWHH…WHAT THE…GROSS…HELP!”

You go downstairs to do laundry, only to be covered by “water” after your daughter flushes the toilet.

Yep, that happened to a new homeowner that purchased an older home. Everything looked good during the inspection, but after three months of regular use, those old pipes could not handle the new family’s load. HA!


So, what do you do next?

Try to hold off from flushing or showering and look around your house on what you could use. Duct tape, waterproof tape, buckets for under the leak, anything you can find to contain the water temporarily.

Okay, I think I have it under control, now what?

Build an outhouse, call a plumber, or make the fixes myself?!

You need to ask yourself if it’s worth your time, money, having additional water seepage, or having others hear some colorful new swear words.

Costs will vary between $10-$20 for epoxy or tape to $500 – $2000 for a plumber. There is no one-stop answer for plumbing issues, as each pipe construction and home infrastructure is different. Depending on the pipe and size of the crack, epoxy or waterproof tape may be a good option. There are several videos available on the internet that will guide you through the process.

True Blue recommends having any plumbing issue fixed by a professional to save everyone the headache.  Reach out to a local plumber, we recommend Stagecoach Plumbing, to get a quote and replace the pipe with PVC piping that lasts almost 50 years.

Creating a Home Repair kit will be helpful going forward. Start with a small collection of essential tools; flex tape, electric tape, duct tape, zip ties, screwdrivers, hammer, miscellaneous screws, bolts, and nuts, etc.  Slowly over time, you can build your kit, so if another mishap occurs, you feel better prepared.


It may suck for a day, but it’s just a day. It will get fixed, you’ll have a better understanding of what to do going forward, and a great memory.


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