Spring Real Estate Market

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Interior of home for sale in the Spring

Spring Real Estate Market

Are you asking yourself when the best time to sell is? Have you heard about the Spring Real Estate market and you’re not quite sure what that means? Spring in the Real Estate market is now! We’re busy over here, and the cold weather and record-breaking snowfall isn’t stopping Buyers from looking, nor is it stopping Sellers from selling. So, we wanted to share a little insight with you. The “busy” season in Real Estate is often referred to as Spring, but “Spring” in our world doesn’t necessarily mean actual Spring, nor does it mean when the weather is “nice.” In Wisconsin, waiting until the weather is nice, could actually mean waiting awhile.

Home for Sale in the Spring

Spring— We Will Get There Someday


Statistically, in prior years, home sales spike in May, June, and July. What does that mean for you, the potential Buyer or Seller? More homes are closing in May, June, and July which indicates homes are listed and on the market in March and April, to give the typical length of 30-45 days from accepted offer to closing.


Graph of Iowa County Housing Stats

Home Sales – Iowa County


Graph of Housing Stats for Dane County WI

Home Sales – Dane County


What Does This Mean for Buying a Home?

Want to stay ahead of your competition, both other Buyer’s and other homes that may be preparing for sale, too? Meet with a lender, talk with your True Blue Real Estate Agent, and get set up on a saved search with your agent to see the most up to date listings. Spring in the Real Estate market can be fast, competitive and a lot of fun; so the more prepared you can be, the better.  Start going to open houses to get a feel for locations and homes you may have interest in.  Continue to communicate and share information with your True Blue Real Estate agent, because the more they know, the more they can help you make that dream home yours.

What Does this Mean for Selling a Home?

Interested in selling? Meet with your True Blue Real Estate Agent, see what your home may be worth, what needs to be done prior to listing your home, and schedule a date for photography to take place. Do all this NOW, while we’re in the Spring Real Estate market, and have the benefits of getting multiple interested Buyers, a top market value price and be done with it all in time to enjoy the beautiful Spring and Summer weather in your new destination.


Let us help!

Obviously, we understand there are specific circumstances that can prevent individuals from targeting the Spring Real Estate timeframe. We’re suggesting the Spring, if you can begin your search or discuss the selling of your home, now would be when to aim for. While the temperatures stay below average, the housing market will only keep picking up, so don’t wait, call us today!