How a Staged Home Can Make a Huge Impact

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How a Staged Home Can Make a Huge Impact

How a Staged Home Can Make a Huge Impact

There’s a lot to think about when considering selling your home.  There are many ways your True Blue Real Estate Agent can consult you on how your staged home can make a huge impact when selling. Whether you’ve already moved out, or admittedly haven’t updated your furniture or decor in some years; True Blue Estate offers staging services, too!

We don’t expect our Seller’s to know exactly what a room should look like to showcase it’s best assets or make it appear homey and more usable than it may have been before. Which is why we offer full room staging services. Whether you need a few odds and ends of decor or a full house staging, we will discuss our client’s needs on a case to case basis and advise as necessary.

Spoiler alert… we’ll give you five tips we like to keep in mind for all the homes we stage at True Blue Real Estate. *See End of Blog for Examples of 3 Staged Homes by a True Blue Agent*


  1. Keep it neutral. We understand you may really love that deep maroon that you’ve brought through into every room into your house. Nothing against that maroon, but it may not be everyone’s cup of tea. And, when your home is photographed, marketed and shown, you want your home to be everyone’s cup of tea. Neutral tones with pops of color is what our staging materials are made of.
  2.  Keep it bright. Going along with the neutral aspect, you want to make sure your home is allowing as much natural light, but also adding as much light as you can.  Lamps are great. Light colored and light material curtains to accent windows.  Keep the curtains on the outside of the window to frame the windows, NOT cover them.
  3.  A well-made bed. Ok, we’re not just talking pulling up your comforter and making sure you have a couple of throw pillows. We like to see it all. After all, the bed is most likely the focal point of the bedroom. You have your sheets, you have your pillows, but you don’t want to forget your duvet, pillow shams, and quilt or throw at the end. In turn, you end up with, voila!


Staged Bedroom at Listing in Blue Mounds Wisconsin

Staged Bedroom in Blue Mounds Listing

4. Don’t forget the hand towels. Bathrooms are small space. Don’t botch your chance at aesthetic appeal by not putting some fluffy high-quality hand towels in there.  While you’re there, change out that shower curtain. Neutral and clean will get the job done.

5. Flowers. Need your pop of color? Add some flowers. Fresh or fake, we don’t discriminate. Perfect for living room, kitchen and/or master bedroom. We keep a large stash of them and aren’t afraid to use them.


Everyone has a different style. We try to come in with a neutral pallet and stay on trend, but with what will appeal to masses. If you’re not sure if your home “needs” it, we’re happy to sit down and chat about that, too. Don’t let your money slip through your fingers. Home aesthetics play a  big part in the emotions Buyer’s feel when they walk through or see a home online.  Thankfully, we already have an amazing photographer. Now we just need your fabulous house, staged to perfection by your True Blue Realtor.


2936 Green Ave, Blue Mounds, WI
List Price: $368,000
Sold Price: $372,900
Multiple Offers

Staged Bedroom at Listing in Blue Mounds Wisconsin

Staged Bedroom at Listing in Blue Mounds Wisconsin


513 Little Fox Tr, Mount Horeb, WI

New Construction
Accepted Offer in Less Than 2 Months of  the Start of Construction.

Staged Living Room at Listing in Mount Horeb Wisconsin

Staged Kitchen at Listing in Mount Horeb Wisconsin


406 W North Street, Dodgeville, WI

Expired Listing With a Different Broker: $214,900 *Vacant*
Sold Listing With Staging Broker  (Anne Larson): $224,000
ONLY 2 Months Off Market

Staged Living Room at Listing in Dodgeville Wisconsin

Staged Bedroom at Listing in Dodgeville Wisconsin