Ending 2018 With a Bang!

Sunday, January 27, 2019 True Blue Real Estate By: Anne Larson

True Blue Real Estate Office in Blue Mounds Wisconsin

Ending 2018 With A BANG!

…. And A LOT of exciting changes! Ending 2018 with a bang could be an understatement. Not only are we now ‘bloggers,’ but we also opened a brand new real estate brokerage, True Blue Real Estate (no big deal). Just kidding, this is a HUGE deal to us, and we’re so looking forward to sharing this business and all the up and coming ventures with our new clients, past clients, friends, and family.

Our office is in Blue Mounds, Wisconsin, and can I just say, IT’S ADORABLE!! This is all our dreams coming to fruition in a 700-some square foot brick building. There’s been a lot of planning, thinking, time and execution on how to create this real estate brand to best serve our clients in every aspect. We’ve had so many wonderful vendors and friends involved in this and we will forever be grateful and thankful to them on how they took our style and goals as a business and as business owners, and made it a reality (SHOUTOUT to Powderkeg for our magical website!).

True Blue Real Estate Office in Blue Mounds Wisconsin

Our Office in Blue Mounds, Wisconsin

There’s so much to say about our company, and so many cool things we want to show you. We have this blog, social media and our website to update you on all of it. So, stick with us and we’ll make sure you’re in good hands in this crazy, busy, real estate world we’re in. We also want to make it fun for you, the reader, so don’t mind our random posts going rogue off the real estate topic. If at any time you have any questions, comments or just ‘thinking out loud’ moments, get in touch. We’d LOVE to hear from you.

We’re just two best friends, that met on the hardest real estate transaction to date, who are looking to empower the innovation, flair and integrity of this industry.


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