About Ridgeway

Ridgeway, though small in terms of population, is a key location to take advantage of the beauty of the Driftless region. Located closely both to Dodgeville, Mount Horeb, this quaint, welcoming community holds the charm and ideal of rural Wisconsin life. It’s a growing place where, thanks to the layout of the land, is a fresh canvas to paint your dreams on.


Situated closely to highway 151, Ridgeway is an ideal area for a commute. Less than thirty minutes from Madison and just outside of Dodgeville, you can reap the benefits of an easy commute while looking forward to returning to your beautiful, tranquil homestead at the end of the day.

New Beginnings

A new subdivision is underway, expanding the community and adding value to it – clearly signifying Ridgeway is a place where people want to be. Backed by great support from the local community, Ridgeway will soon be more than just geographically on the map, but providing much need affordable housing.

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